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Bamboo Touch Pen
Product Name: Bamboo Touch Pen    [Add to Quotation List]
Code: GS1249
MOQ: 500
Size: 1 (W) x 14.2 (L) cm
Material: Carbonized Bamboo
Print: Laser Engraving

Pen is essential stationery in every office, which makes it becomes an economical and popular corporate gift. Unlike traditional plastic pen, this pen is made from bamboo which is hard and light enough to replace plastic. By the plantation of bamboo, it helps to absorb around 30% of carbon dioxide than other plants.

This bamboo pen let the staff to stick more to the natural environment and strength their idea on the importance of environmental protection.


- As a touch screen pen and a ball pen

- Best substitute of plastic and helps to reduce carbon reduction

- Unique pattern

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